The Customer is the focal point

– Professionalism is the foundation

About FactFactory

Since the start-up in 2005 FactFactory has built durable and strong relations to customers. Therefore, the cooperation with our customers lasts many years, and they recommend us to other companies.

Our success is dependent on the will to immerse in the inner workings of a customer’s business, our analytical design, quality and diligence, as well as the ability to think in new solutions.

The professional foundation is what binds FactFactory together.

Analyses shall be credible, well-designed, thorough, and easy to communicate – to make a difference to our customers – in a way that they can see and feel.


Henrik Johan Nielsen, CEO

Henrik has worked with analyses on the highest level for a period of 20 years, latest as International Research Manager at the JYSK group, with direct report to CEO.
Has previously worked at Ennova and served as external Associate Professor at Aarhus University.

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Gain the overview of analytical insights – communicated in a way that is easy to understand and which gives you clear priorities for action.